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After testimony of her husband El Chapo, his wife shared a smiling picture.

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El Chapo’s mistress testimony him in the court and his wife shared her snap with a smiling face while coming out the court on her Instagram account. Emma Coronel Aispuro posted a set of three pictures while escaping from the court by smiling, actually she was trying to show her unconcern with her husband Joaquin El Chapo Guzman’s trial and his relationship with the female who claimed to be his mistress. That is why she shared her smiling pictures of her Instagram accounts just to show herself unaffected by the recent condition.

Last Thursday, she shared her post on her Instagram account, while coming out from the New York City courtroom after hearing of her husband’s trial. In the early morning of Friday, she posted after revealing her notorious husband’s relationship with a female who testimony him in his trial in US court.

Mexican El Chapo’s name smeared as kingpin of the drug. While leaving the courtroom of New York City, she captioned from the heart on her post. The former lawmaker of Guzman’s home state of Sinaloa, our relationship developed during business in such a way that hurt, she revealed that before the New York City jury.

Lucero Guadalupe Sanchez Lopez revealed that, I was very happy until this day. I was thinking  that, it was a romantic relationship with us, she revealed all this the presence of his wife in the court gallery. Further, she added that my love was not permanent for him because sometimes I loved him sometime I avoided him.

According to the New York Post, his wife Coronel Aispuro smiled during testimony, Sanchez broke into tears and smiled while leaving the courtroom sobbing and her lapel microphone was still on.

Coronel Aispuro gave a flashing smile for the photographer to take a smiling snap. She was coming out from court with reporters. United States Attorney for the Eastern District of New York showed this unknown picture to Sanchez. Local media known her by her nickname Chapodiputada which mean the Chapo’s deputy. When she met El Chapo in 2011, his wife Coronel Aispuro was expecting twins. The twin were both baby girls.

The problems created when Guzman convinced his girlfriend to purchase marijuana for him and informed her to prepare 400 kilogram drug for each plane used within the country for transport. Prosecutors exposed their restricted texts of love and planning about drug before the jury.

Some texts of Guzman were very horrible. She said, sometimes we sounded sweetly to each other, but I was not sure, he would let me out. Although, it was not ludicrous to hurt by him. Sanchez said, our romance was being sour at the end if 2012, but I did not think this love would be end.

El Chapo

Once he said he would make her visit one of his many secret places in Cabo San Lucas and he chatted with her on mobile phone about it. Later in 2014, he invited her at his safe house in Sinaloa, that is a city of Culiacan and Sanchez accepted his invitation.

A DEA agent mentioned how El Chapo Guzman sneaked through a sewerage system, according to US officials her mistress was with her when he tempered. At least, Guzman captured again after escaping once from Mexican jail and sent him to the United States to face his allegations.

According to the charges, he was a culprit. His wife took a snap while escaping from Brooklyn court. According to the report of New York Daily News, she told to the jury, I heard sounds like helicopters and thumps and also heard yelling when I was sharing my bed with him in February
16, 2014.

The Joint forces of US and Mexican was trying to arrest him by pulling down the fortified door of his safe house and he was naked at that time when he pointed toward to a button in bathroom to lift the bathtub.

There was a secret tunnel behind the bathtub to escape away. It was a dark tunnel when we were running and he left me behind him while running. I followed him through the tunnel and I felt little bit water on my legs while chasing him through the tunnel.

When they asked about the length of the tunnel, she said I traveled more than an hour in the tunnel. Emma Coronel Aispuro was spotted on the court for hearing with her assistant on Thursday. The US Drug Enforcement Agency’s agent Victor Vasquez testimony his failed. try to arrest them with the help of footage.

Sanchez revealed, she used to smuggle marijuana for him and he instructed her to deliver 400 kg drug on each plane. She was working for the former legislator and was captured in San Diego, California in 2017 by the US officials and they revealed Sanchez helped him in drug trafficking and cash. After that, she confirmed her allegations and plead to prosecutor to minimize her sentence

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