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Adele said her decisionto delayintheir Los Vegas residency was the worst moment of her career.

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Adele said, I repent on delay my residence in Los Vegas, I think it is a worse moment of my career.She revealed the reason of postpone her show at the Colosseum her show was not ready to deliver. Inthe beginning, she was very embarrassed by her decision to delay her Los Vegas residency but now she has madeup her mind to staystrongwith her decision. In January, the hitmaker of “Rolling in the Deep” said that she had decided to postpone her residency at Colosseum Caesar Palace.

According to www.latimes.com, she added a tearful social media post in which she revealed that her show was not ready to cast. It was due to an increase in COVID-19 cases. The production was very slow which could not prepare the show. I apologize to all my fans and supporters for postponing the show at Colosseum Caesar Palace. Although it is a shame for production team.

In an interview for Elle magazine cover story, Adele saidI think other people would have done what I did in COVID-19 season. She said I’m very satisfied with my artistic needs now. A day before show in theater, she announced that the show was not ready to present on January. On Monday, she told the prospective to cancel her show “Weekend with Adele” and postpone it until November. But her announcement hurt the emotions of her fans. They were disappointed by her surprisingannouncement to cancel the show. At the moment, she said it was worst moment of my career so far.

The “Easy on Me” singer said I feel embarrassed by the decision and iterations of my residency “had no soul”and felt disconnected. Somewhat I like the Colosseum containing 4100 seat setting.After re-evaluating her artistic needs she said my show “Weekend with Adele” would be more personal. She further said my shows will cover the story of my career so far. This show will consist of music and it will be sentimental, it is going to be more interesting and entertaining than before.

According to the report on July 25, 2022 Adele’s residency of Los Vegas is officially back. In July, she announced that her shows have been resuming in her Colosseum at Los Vegas. Adele said it is very peaceful for me to be in such an intimate space with you every week. It is the same as I have been looking forward to the most, now I’m going to give you the best content of me, she added. I am very thankful to all of my fans and supporters for their patience, I love you all. So, the “Weekend with Adele” will be showed on November 18 to March 25 in my Colosseum at Caesar’s Palace, Los Vegas.

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