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Adam Matos is guilty of four counts of brutal murder in Florida.

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There are four different counts of a brutal murder on Adam Matos in Florida. He allegedly has found guilty of shooting her ex-girlfriend before his young son, he murdered his parents and a boyfriend in 2014. Adam is living in Hudson, for the killing of four people, may his face the death penalty due to four murder counts. In Pasco County, Megan Brown, who was his girlfriend found dead on the top of the hill. Her dead body was found alongside her parents, Margaret, Greg Brown, and her new boyfriend Nicholas Leonard.

On Thursday, he can face sentences of death penalty after claiming of murders. Police reported that he killed her ex-girlfriend’s mother and her new boyfriend at their homes with a hammer before he shot his ex-girlfriend and her father. The police arrested Matos and his four years missing autistic son Ismael Tristan Santisteban on 5 December 2014 from Tampa Bay area hotel.

On Thursday, when the verdict was reading on the killer sat down unconscious while the victim’s family fell into tears. Although it was a worst incident to digest four deaths at a time. It’s really a big crime of murder. How can a man kill someone unfeelingly with hammer and gunshot. Only a dead hearted like Adam Matos can do that. Paula Rystrom who is the mother of Leonard told of Tampa Bay Times. The worst part of life has ended with his death penalty.
On Thursday, In his previous court appearance, Adam Matos surprised the court by dramatically admitting the witness stand.

On December 5, 2014, SWAT arrested Adam Matos by swarming on Floridian Hotel in Tampa. Adam Matos said, it is a wrong allegation of murder me, I didn’t kill my ex-girlfriend and her family, he also falsified the police report about stabbing Megan Brown on August 28. He said, offered his own experience what had happened, according to his statement someone heard from her, a woman was chasing her and sending her threatening letters.

Adam Matos

Later he changed his statement by saying, the combination of self- defense follow-up compelled me to kill my ex-girlfriend and her family. He left his son on crime scene and went to buy a shovel to bury the dead bodies. According to the photos of the crime scene, Nicholas Leonard’s dead body was laying on the top of the Pasco County hill. Then Adam murdered Margaret and Brown, they both were above 50. Matos said August 28, 2014 was a bad day of my life, it was like a nightmare.

Adam Matos’ parents welcomed him in Philadelphia. He was living in Allentown, Pennsylvania and in New York City. Matos said, I met with Brown about six years ago. Our relationship closed before two weeks of her death. His sentencing period will start on Monday this week while Assistant State Attorney Chris LaBruzzo added that prosecutors are demanding the death penalty of the criminal. But jury should finalize a decision of death penalty. Daniel Leonard,who is a father of Leonard has commented at the end, Somehow his life has completed, I just want to say to away him from street because he is not a good human being.

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