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Actress Alexandra Park says that she is more royal than Meghan Markle

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Alexandra Park is an awesome actress.

She had worked in different parts of the world. Her
acting is superb. Due to her way of acting, she had become the best actor.
Alexandra is a former star who worked in her home and away from the home.
The people acknowledge her work through her career.
The best series of her acting is The Royals. While working in this series she claims to be the best.


alexandra park


Royal than Meghan.

She said, during her work she was in royal costume. That’s why , she said while working
throughout the series. Her habits became like a royal person. This series has changed my attitude
and style of living. This is the reason to say that I am more royal than others.
Alexandra said , for portraying the beautiful princess Eleanor in a show. I have attained the skill.
and style to living like a princess. It seems I am living like a royal person.
While talking to Nine’s The Fix, she claims that my technique and temperament is more like
the princess than Markle. The Duchess of Sussex who has married with Prince Harry in May.


The 29 years old actress claims I am technically more royal.
Alexander Park claims to be more royal than Meghan Markle.

After the portrait of Princess Eleanor in the Royals. Alexander Park mastered the art of royalty.
She said, its proud for me to work as a princess. In this show,I improved myself as a royal. It was my best role ever in my career. This role has changed my personality. I am feeling more royal and princess than Meghan Markle.



When someone asked to Alexandra about palace life. You do have not a palace where you live like a princess. Royalty is belong to the palace but you don’t have it. Although you have claimed to be more royal than Meghan.

Do you have any suggestions to share a palace life with Meghan She replied that I don’t have a palace and I can’t dare to advise her. I have no point to say something. But it’s my calculation that keeps coming back to fashion. I think it is more than enough for me and it suits me more. Due to her style and work, She always looks fantastic and gorgeous. Elegant at all times “said the brunette by shaking her head.


Alexandra Park

On being asked about her career, will you leave your career after marriage like Meghan?
Alexandra replied her answer in clear words by saying, I am thinking to give up. That is the
purpose of life to do work and then fall in love. It’s confusion. But in my book, there is nothing going to happen like that. I’m not thinking so. Everyone has it’s own life and decisions. My plans are not on the base of others. I know what to do.


Alexandra Park

The Australian actress started her career as playing the role of Claudia Hammond in hit soap in her country and away from the country.
Following her four years career, she appeared in an episode of Packed to the Rafters in 2011. This outclassed actress also appeared in Arc, TV series wonderland and 12 Feet Deep.
She has been keeping in her mind to a role in racy E! The original series of The Royals since 2015.

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