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The younger twin of Android 18 and Dr. Gero’s seventeenth android creation, Goku was created to carry out Gero’s revenge against Goku. Dr. Gero, who is unwilling to cooperate with Android 18’s curiosity in activating Android 16, and who is viewed as inferior by Android 17 take it upon themselves to kill Dr. Gero, despite the fact that his interests initially do not deviate from this assumption.

In Dragon Ball Super, Android 17 makes a comeback ten years later, this time defending animals against poachers while serving as a park ranger on a far-off island. He is married, has a child, and has adopted two additional kids. He accepts Goku’s invitation to join Team Universe 7 in the Tournament of Power, and as a result of Goku and Frieza’s sacrifice to eliminate Jiren, he is the only fighter left standing at the end of the competition, making him the victor and the one who is granted their wish on the Super Dragon Balls.

Android 17 Look

Android 17 resembles his fraternal twin sister in appearance and is a gorgeous young man with fair complexion. He has a thin build and a typical height, albeit he is a little taller than his sibling. He has small bright blue eyes, thin eyebrows, and straight black hair that is shoulder length and parted above his forehead. Dr. Gero’s androids all have gold hoops on their ears, and 17 is no exception. He had an orange bandanna around his neck at first. He sports a long-sleeve white shirt underneath a short-sleeve black shirt with the Red Ribbon Army’s emblem on the left of his breast. His medium blue pants, which have a tear above the left knee, are held up by a belt that he wears.

He wears a second belt just below the first one that has a gun holster and a pouch, but by the time the Androids go to Goku’s house, he has taken it off. Android 17 is dressed with blue and white sneakers and green socks. He wears a teal blue jacket over his attire during the Buu Saga, coupled with white gloves because the collar of his jacket is light blue, and a tan, knee-length jacket and off-white gloves during the Super 17 Saga. He wore a cream-colored blazer with folded sleeves. Android 17 is depicted in Dragon Ball Super sporting a white shirt with green sleeves that reads “MIR” across the chest in black in addition to a pair of blue pants. In addition to a tan belt and a pair of black leather gloves, he also sports a pair of black shoes. The word “RANGER” is written in orange on his left sleeve


Android 17 initially comes out as a careless anarchist, but subsequently proves to be nothing more than a rebel without a cause. He acts irrationally and delights in stirring up fear. When he first appeared, the majority of his decisions were driven by what he referred to as “The Game,” which was their mission to track down and kill Goku.

While enjoying his superior strength that marked him apart from others, Android 17 detested the forced cybernetics that were placed on him, as Android 18 demonstrated when he refused Semi-Perfect Cell’s efforts to persuade him to merge with him. This is probably a result of the trauma he endured as a result of being taken hostage by Gero. He was no longer a child, therefore it could possibly be because of his love of nature.Android 17 continues to live a peaceful life in obscurity when Shenron grants him a wish that restores both the damage done during the Cell Games and the lives of all of Cell’s victims. Android 17 supplied power for Goku’s Super Spirit Bomb to defeat Kid Buu at the conclusion of Dragon Ball Z. He makes a second appearance in Dragon Ball GT after being telepathically brainwashed by the scientists Dr. Gero and Dr. Myuu. He later fuses with Hell Fighter 17, a Machine Mutant version of himself developed by the scientists in Hell, to form Super 17. But 17 still shows sympathy, mainly to his sister, despite not being able to keep his mind in check.

Future Android 17 stands in stark contrast to this because he is a ruthless sociopath who only cares about himself and his sibling. He pushes his changed self to show his own weakness while under Dr. Myuu’s influence, allowing Goku to kill him. In a similar vein, Android 17 demonstrates some moral restraint when, after seeing Cell mercilessly eliminate Piccolo, he calls Cell a beast for what he did to the Namekian with obvious horror and disgust.

The strongest aspect of Android 17 as a person is his sense of self. He tries his best to defy Dr. Gero’s and eventually Dr. Myuu’s wishes, as he engages in a vain struggle with Cell to save his individuality and his pride. He exudes arrogance as well.Android 17’s former rebellious nature has since been tamed by his profession, as he channelled his occasionally anarchistic and immature impulses towards effectively dealing with poachers and other individuals with illegal intent or vocation within the Royal Nature Park. Prior to being given a continuous target, it was simply his hyperactive temperament that lacked adequate focus; now, however, it is clear that 17 is incredibly focused and committed to attaining his goals. However, 17 kept his sense of humour while working because he was visibly amused when he stopped the two hunters and conned them into providing energy to the Super Spirit Bomb.The fact that Android 17 is considerably more composed and polite at the time of the Universe Survival Saga suggests that he has matured since then. He had previously made impulsive decisions based only on his emotional condition, but now he displayed a more level-headed and practical side. Aside from caring for his family and safeguarding the wildlife, he has also grown very unassuming and humble. A total change from his former superiority mindset and his murderously vicious alternate timeline counterpart, he also appears to take his opponents more seriously.The regenerated Cell Juniors were so tamed and changed by Android 17 that, despite their homicidal natures, he was able to work and coexist with them. This suggests that Android 17 has a knack for altering behaviour.

 Background Of Android 17

The younger of Lapis and his twin sister Lazuli, Android 17 was once a human with the name Lapis. When hunting for new subjects for his studies, Dr. Gero would happen to run upon the twins, who were well-known criminals. Then he abducted them and transformed them into Androids 17 and 18.

But while being called androids or cyborgs and frequently being thought of as such, Android 17 and his sister are really neither. He was human-based, but everything had been upgraded with bio-organic components, Bulma said while examining 17’s blueprint. The emergency deactivation controller and self-destruction device are his only mechanical components (removed). Gohan’s claim that the androids have been changed on a cellular level to be superhuman in Dragon Ball Super confirms this.Dr. Gero went back to the previous method with Android 17 and his sister, Android 18, which involved implanting a human with cybernetic devices.

However, biotechnology and genetic engineering have completely reconstructed them at the molecular level, making them the first of their type. Their bodies contain a small perpetual energy reactor that gives them limitless energy and stamina. This is where their power comes from. They can grow stronger if they practise because they are modelled on humans. Despite not needing food to survive, they still need to drink water. Due to the slower pace of artificial cell death in their bodies than that of regular people, they also age far more slowly. His ability to procreate is unaffected by Gero’s tests on him, as seen by the child he and his wife conceived together.

Android 17 Wife

Kashi, formerly known as Android 7, is the invisible spouse of Android 17 and one of the original androids Dr. Flappe produced for the Red Ribbon Army. Similar to his sister, who wed a “bald midget,” Android 17 too found himself in an unexpected relationship with the person no one expected him to pick. She wore a purple pinafore dress with a Monster Island Ranger blouse over top, and a green waistcoat while she was a ranger. She usually kept the left one pulled down as a fashion statement on her thigh-high white socks that she wore on her legs. She was outfitted with robust purple boots and dark grey gloves to help her do her ranger duties.Kashi is a woman with bronze complexion who has an odd appearance because she is a foreigner. She has shoulder-length, dark brown hair that she occasionally likes to wear in twin corn rows. She stands 5’5″ on average, and she has a rather curvaceous physique. Her eyes are a startling shade of purple thanks to coloured lenses that hide her naturally blue iris. She accessorises with lipstick that complements her skin tone and a pair of silver hoops earrings.Kicking is Kashi’s most potent weapon of assault. Because she is powerful enough to kick through metal and throw attackers into the air, her kicks are lethal to opponents. She never uses her arms in close quarters battle; instead, she solely uses her hands to deflect blows or flip herself up to her right. Despite having increased strength, she prefers to utilise her legs when she punches rather than using her hands.

Android 17 Son

He earns a large pay because he excels at his profession. Living contentedly in a remote home inside the natural park, Android 17 and his wife have one biological child as well as two adopted children. GeodJi, the nephew of Android 18 and the biological offspring of Android 17. He is the only biological kid of Android 17 and the youngest of three siblings. He is particularly special since he is the progeny of not just one, but two red ribbon army android.

Android 17 Power

Android 17 received a significant improvement in Dragon Ball Super, but how strong is the character today and how does he stack up against the other Z-Warriors?

The anime’s Android 17 is now a force to be reckoned with thanks to Dragon Ball Super. After serving as a villain in Dragon Ball Z for a while, 17 made a comeback in Dragon Ball Super as an animal-lover ranger who guards an island against poachers. He joined the Universe 7 squad for the Tournament of Power after meeting Goku.The Universe 7 lineup was strengthened significantly by the acquisition of Android 17. The character, who was sometimes viewed as one half of a team with Android 18, spent a lot of time engaging in combat with combatants similar to those from Universe 2. He used his abilities to knock out one of the team’s strongest allies, earning the enmity of Ribrianne, who led the group. Throughout the competition, 17 put up a valiant fight, and in the last few minutes of the match against Jiren, Top, and Dyspo of Universe 11, they were especially important. Android 17 was one of the final three members of Universe 7 to face Jiren after outlasting Vegeta and Gohan. Android 17 was activated after Goku and Frieza destroyed themselves to defeat Jiren.To become the Tournament of Power’s breakout star, Android 17 had to go a long distance. He was previously on par with Piccolo during the Cell Saga, but it’s now clear that despite the fact that both characters have made significant advancements since then, 17 is a number of levels superior to him. Goku’s transformation into Super Saiyan Blue before the competition was forced by 17, which is a clear sign of how powerful he is. He appears to have the strength to compete with someone who possesses divine energy.As a result of this achievement, Majin Buu and the majority of Z-Warriors are no match for 17’s strength. It used to be thought that he had strength comparable to or greater than that of his sister, Android 17, however that is no longer the case. 18 hasn’t made anywhere close to the advancements that 17 did. The level of Android 18 is more comparable to that of Master Roshi, Tien, and other inferior Z-Warriors.

The only Z-Warriors with more strength than 17 are Goku, Vegeta, and Gohan, who is officially the third-strengthest character in Dragon Ball. However, 17 isn’t far behind and would probably give Gohan a difficult battle if the two were to clash.Gohan was able to force Goku to use his Super Saiyan Blue Kaoi-ken thanks to his Ultimate upgrade, and it’s plausible that 17 could have done the same, but both characters resisted engaging in combat. It’s difficult to predict what would happen if Gohan and 17 engaged in combat, although it’s possible that the half-Saiyan wouldn’t have much more than a marginal advantage over 17.

Goku and Vegeta, who both obtained new forms when battling Jiren in the Tournament of Power, are now ahead of 17 in power. The final few battles of the tournament showed how far apart he was from the top two heroes of the anime. Similar to Frieza and Gohan, 17 was able to battle opponents like Top but was unsuccessful in doing so. Whatever the case, Android 17 has grown into a formidable friend who Goku might need to rely on if and when a new threat materialises in the upcoming Dragon Ball anime.

Android 17 with Android 18

Dr. Gero awakens Android 17 and his twin sister Android 18 after he is forced into a precarious situation by the Z Fighters, who have outperformed his expectations due to the rigorous training they underwent after Gero acquired their statistic data. Because the doctor had a backup Shut Down Remote with him as a safeguard against them, 17 and 18 initially pretended to obey him. Soon later, the Z Fighters show up and make an effort to raid the doctor’s research facility. This temporarily diverts Gero, and 17 takes the remote control away from him. To Gero’s dismay, 17 smashes the remote and promises not to put them to sleep once more.The Z Fighters suddenly surround the androids after Vegeta blows the door down. Dr. Gero orders 17 and 18, telling them to murder the Z Fighters and describing how they nearly killed and destroyed Android 19 as a result. Gero responds that yes, Android 19 was an energy absorption model and the one who turned him into an android in response to Android 17’s inquiry.

Because unlimited energy models like the ones she and Android 17 used were too strong to control, Android 18 queries whether Gero returned to the older energy absorption model on a more modern android. Dr. Gero tells them it doesn’t matter right now and commands the two to kill the Z Fighters, but 17 responds that they may fight whenever they choose. When Android 18 starts to examine a compartment marked “16,” Gero becomes even more irate. Gero orders 18 to leave 16’s room when she learns that 16 is likewise an unlimited energy model and inquires about how the android inside differs from them. While Androids 17 and 18 desire to awaken him, Dr. Gero fiercely rejects their requests. 17 kills Gero by impaling and cutting off his head before stepping on his still-moving head because he is tired of the crazy scientist. A distraught Future Trunks declares that he will not allow any more androids and transforms into a Super Saiyan before launching a Buster Cannon into the lab as Android 17 once more commands Android 18 to activate Android 16.

Android 17 advises that they immediately open the chamber because its support systems were cut off. When Android 17 is finally awakened, he asks Android 16 how it feels to be free for the first time in a long time and informs him that Dr. Gero had cautioned them not to activate him since he would wipe them all out. Android 16 does not react when Android 18 queries what Gero intended. Android 16 remains mute when asked by Android 17 if he does not want to tell them or if he is just a strong, silent type. Android 16 then replies, “Yes,” to Android 17’s question about whether Android 16 was designed to murder Goku. Although Android 17 claims to detest the idea of adhering to Gero’s programming, he believes that they require a sense of direction. It is not because they have been told to, but rather out of amusement, that Numbers 17 and 18 decide to track down Goku and challenge him. The three androids ignore the current Z Fighters and depart the destroyed laboratory in search of Goku.

Android 17 makes the decision to land, and Androids 18 and 16 follow suit as the androids cross over a mountain road. Android 17 responds that there is no rush and that they should take their time and enjoy the journey when Android 18 questions why they have landed. When 18 asks if they plan to walk, 17, they respond that they will take the next available car. According to 18, Android 17 is still mostly human because he exhibits the male love of useless entertainment.

Since 17 was also formed from a male human, he queries Android 16 as to his comprehension. Then, Android 16 discloses that he was never a human, setting him apart from Androids 17 and 18 in a fundamental way.17 is perplexed by Gero’s ability to create a true android and wonders why he afterwards came back to cybernetics. In order to see Vegeta in action—which was their primary motivation for activating him in the first place—when he intercepts the group in his Super Saiyan form, 17 and 18 beg 16 to join the battle. Android 18 offers to fight him after Android 16 declines, though. Vegeta receives some hits throughout the fight, but Android 18 matches him blow for blow. 17 expresses awe at Vegeta’s combat skills and observes that he is more stronger than Dr. Gero’s research suggested.

When Vegeta is defeated by Android 18 in the battle, Future Trunks, Krillin, Piccolo, and Tien Shinhan show there.Future Trunks violates Android 17’s non-interference agreement when Vegeta’s arm is broken by 18 during the battle because he cannot stand to see Vegeta hurt. Trunks is engaged in combat with 17 when he intervenes, and the latter nearly knocks him out with a heavy blow to the head. When Piccolo and Tien Shinhan notice this, they too fly toward the conflict. When Android 17 notices Piccolo approaching, he throws the Namekian out of the way. Tien tries to hit 17, 17, he also puts Tien in a headlock.

After rising again, Vegeta tries to fly in the direction of Androids 17 and Tien, but Android 18 clutches his foot. Trunks stands back up and charges at Android 18, who tosses Vegeta into him, knocking them both to the ground as Tien is choked by 17.18 wonders if he’ll find out where Goku is. According to 17, it will be more enjoyable for them to locate it on their own, and perhaps Goku will do the same. The two eventually cross paths with Android 16, who is still close by and is gazing off into the horizon. 16 merely replies that the birds flew away because they were too loud when 17 inquires as to what he is viewing.

17 appears perplexed by this, and 18 recommends that they fly to a location where more cars will be passing by.The androids make the decision to travel to the closest town in order to acquire a car and obtain 18 some new clothing (her attire was ruined by Vegeta). Krillin runs over to them as they prepare to depart and motions for them to wait. Both Krillin and Android 17 enquire as to whether their goals are to simply eliminate Goku or to rule the entire planet.

According to 17, they will simply kill Goku for the time being and then make a decision regarding what to do next. Since Dr. Gero was the one who despised Goku and he is now dead, Krillin queries why they wish to murder him.The reason 17 did not ask Krillin where Goku is is because he claims that Gero has nothing to do with the situation and that it is just a game. Android 16 responds that they would not, as they were made to kill Goku, in response to Krillin’s question about whether they would leave Goku alone if he begged them to. 17 concurs and instructs Krillin to offer his companions some Senzu Beans as soon are possible. The androids then take off after Krillin receives a cheek kiss from Android 18.

This is just one of many instances that distinguish Android 17 and Android 18 from their counterparts in the future timeline, especially in light of how much more powerful they are in the present-day timeline than in Future Trunks’ future.

Android 17 killed

When Semi-Perfect Cell self-destructs on King Kai’s world, Android 17 is ultimately murdered. The Z Fighters use the Dragon Balls to bring back to life those who perished as a result of Cell’s campaign, and 17’s life is thus restored. Krillin makes a second request to Shenron to get rid of the Android Bombs inside Lapis and Lazuli’s bodies.

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