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A 16-year-old girl shion kaji thinks everyday is June 11 after head injury

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shion kaji got a head injury three months ago and after that she considers every day as June 11, the day of the incident. The 16-year-old was enjoying and dancing with her friends at the FFA State Convention.  A student kicked her accidentally and she fell down. The student was also crowded surfing and did not kick her intentionally.

This incident makes her memory reset every two hours. The Monmouth doctors did not admit her in the hospital as she had just minor scratches on the head. As she sent home by doctors, her family noticed that something is wrong with her. She went for countless follow-up visits to hospital but doctors were unable to find her disease.

shion kaji was suffering from short term memory after falling down on the night of June 11. shion kaji gets stuck to that day and thinks everyday is June 11. Her memory resets every two hours and she forgets everything. Doctors treated her head injury as a concussion, but later on it became serious and confusing for all.

She said:  ‘I wake up every morning and thinks that it is June 11. I keep a calendar in my room which helps me to get the exact month of the year.’

Horner said to WQAD: ‘The whole incident is like a movie. A weatherman caught in a time loop on Groundhog Day, the film of 1993, and I felt the same.

Her mother also confirmed that Horner thought, every morning June 11.

Sarah Horner also said: ‘Her injury was so confusing and puzzling for doctors. They all were unable to find what’s wrong with her. There was no injury or bleeding in her brain. The MRI and CT scan confirmed that there is also no brain tumor.’

shion kaji

Riley was an outstanding athlete and scholar, but now her opponent is her memory. She is trying different ways to keep things in mind. Riley Horne always has a notebook, textbook and a pencil with her. All these things help her  memorize the things. She makes the notes in her notebook  later on she is going to forget all the things happen throughout the day.

Her phone is also her helping hand as she is used to take pictures of everything. These pictures, notes and her calendar keep refreshing her memory.

shion kaji said in an interview: ‘It is embarrassing for then people when I take their photographs. It makes them uncomfortable, but this is not easy for me too. My brain is unable to store anything for later use, so I have to collect everything in my notes and camera. This is the only solution I have until now.’

Her mother, Sarah told: ‘I lost my brother few days ago and we were in extreme grief. We told her that her uncle is no more, but now she has no idea about it. She forgets everything after two hours. That incident affected her memory badly.’

Sarah further added to Facebook: ‘She is suffering from short term memory. Doctors are not sure whether she will get better some day or not. We are extremely disturbed by her condition. She might just be like this for years.’

Details of the incident:

On June 11, the 16-year-old Riley Horner went to a club where she fell down. A student kicked her due to crowd surfing. This story gets viral on the internet within 24 hours. Her parents tried their best to make her normal. They took her to the best doctors and hospitals for treatment.

Her mother asked her friends to visit her so that she may recollect some memories. She keeps sharing her story on the internet. She just wants Riley to remember Homecoming, Thanksgiving and Christmas this year. It will be more than enough for her.

Sarah says: ‘One day in a life with short term memory seems horrible and it is more than three months! It is damaging her brain. She wants to be a medical student, but this irreversible damage would not let her even do a job.’

Riley said she wants her story to be more public. It will give hope to other people who are facing the same condition. They are not alone…

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