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5 Tips You Need to Know Before Buying Waterproof Headphones on EMI

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One of the most vehement arguments pertains to whether earphones are better than headphones or if there is any difference between the two. Some users feel that there is no difference; while others insist that headphones are more comfortable. Wikipedia defines headphones as a pair of small-sized loudspeaker drivers that are worn on the head or around it and over a user’s ears.

Headphones are portable and are used in workplaces like call centers. You can use headphones while doing exercise, studying, or even when cleaning. Over the years headphones have advanced and today there are various types and brands, wherein you can even buy a headphone on EMI. Some of the most common types include wireless or Bluetooth, noise canceling, earbuds, and waterproofing.

Waterproof headphones explained

The best waterproof headphones are made in such a way that they cannot be damaged by water or cause damage to your ears. Waterproof headphones are ideal for people who want to enjoy their music while swimming or even bathing. So, you can use them while having a bubble bath or a shower. Since they are also resistant to sweat, they also make ideal companions when working out.

Where to get waterproof headphones

Bajaj Mall provides you to buy the best waterproof headphones, you need not travel to the stores. The world has become a global village courtesy of e-commerce and all that you need is an electronic device like a phone, laptop, or tablet with an internet connection to select a brand and model of your choice. In case you access the Bajaj Mall website, you can also try and purchase a headphone on EMI.

Buying a headphone on EMI implies that you will pay for it in smaller installments. EMI stands for equated monthly installments. You can choose to pay within a short period or slightly longer depending on your ability. Before making a purchase, here are 5 tips you need to be aware of –

Using credit cards 

Most online stores require you to have a credit card before making a purchase on EMI. However, if you have none, it is still possible if you look for online stores that allow you to buy on EMI using a debit card or to pay using post-dated cheques.

Easy monthly installments

The reason why people choose to buy on EMI is that they do not wish to pay a large amount of cash in one go. In the same way, if you choose EMI installments that are not convenient to you, the outcome could still be financially stressful. Rather than feel stressed out every month at the time of paying for a headphone on EMI, always opt for installments that are convenient for you.

Check the quality

One of the aspects that you need to be sure of when buying the best waterproof headphones is quality. After all, you don’t want to waste your hard-earned money on substandard products. As much as the internet has made shopping easy, it does not guarantee quality. Therefore, before settling for an online store, always find out if it is legit by going through reviews given by past users who might have used the portal to make a purchase. To avoid getting duped, you should go for well-known brands in the market that have been tried and tested.

Interest rates

Like it is commonly said that the devil is in the details, buying on EMI may seem to be a very convenient way of availing of types of equipment that you once thought were difficult to afford. However, do remember that there are some interests attached to it. Always go through the details and calculate the amount of interest you will be charged before buying a headphone on EMI to avoid surprises later.

Final thoughts

While every online store tries to market its products by enticing users, you must remain focused on the requirement at hand and choose the most suitable brand.

Shopping online at Bajaj Mall is a perfect option for buyers who like to explore various brands and are not overwhelmed by the sheer number of choices. In this store, you can look forward to the highest priced product as also the more cost-effective versions, and compare their features. Ultimately, if you like something that seems to be out of reach, then opt for a headphone on EMI and still enjoy its usage.

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