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32-year-old mother cleared sex with 14-year-old boy

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Teah Vincent is 32 years old mother who lives in Wollaston near to Lydney Gloucestershire. Where she started sex with a teenage boy in her home. When she appeared in court in Gloucestershire, she committed that I’m sure his age is over 16. He is not a boy of 14 in fact, he is 16 years old.

The mother who had sex with 14 years old boy said I will always be known as a sex offender. I’m fearful to have such type of title. Teah Vincent, it is very hurting for me when other mums treat hateful to me. Although I have free from the court, but people still hate me. I’m very shameful for that. Vincent has three children and she committed to have sex with a teen. She said I’m sure the boy was over sixteen.


Teah Vincent


It is nothing than that  rumor about his age. Actually, he is over 16. Although the has cleared me but people still behave me as a sex offender. It’s very painful for me.
I know it was not good, I was wrong, but I didn’t not break any law. The people will not absorb my crime easily. They will behave rudely with me as a sex offender.
The 32 years old Teah Vincent fell into tears when a court of Gloucestershire Crown took over an hour to just find her not guilty. The court free her for not knowing his real age. It happened in negligence. She was unaware of his real age. During the hearing of trail, the boys is not of 14.


Indeed, he is 16 years old and I was extremely shocked to know that he was just 14.
Teah Vincent said I have lost my two important years in wait of start the trail from
Gloucestershire Crown court. The mother of Teah said the court has ruined my daughter’s life in this case. Helena, the Teach said my daughter has become a patient due to mental stress. She spent sleepless nights. Her family supported her.


Mother Helena said the court has devastated my daughter’s life. It will take a long time to
overcome her. After that, Teah Vincent was worrying about her disgrace in society and reaction of people. She said people considered me as a sex offender although court has released me. The jury took more than hour to decide to trail. We are very happy with this freedom from court. But I’m very angry why I did this. It will take time to be normal. Her mother said, I’m very happy I took a photo with a friend along my daughter outside the court. They were celebrating their freedom from court.


The jury of eight include four men and four women found Ms. Vincent is innocent in this case. She was unaware the boy was underage on October 21 2018.
Her mother said, I wanted to show by posting the pic that Vincent was innocent in this case. I don’t care what people say and think about her. Teah posted a photo with caption, I’m very thankful for those who encouraged me throughout the trail. Special thanks for the people who supported me in the ups and downs of my life. These two years were the hardest years of my life.


I passed these years in deep pain and frustration. Teah welcomed 2021 with her children. The boy involved in sex offend emerged late in court with false evidence. He mentioned his wrong date of birth on Facebook. That is why the court decision occurred later. The defense attorneys traced the truth in evidence before providing to the judge Lawrie for
deciding the case.

Prosecutor Christopher Smyth told the jury that the victim’s Facebook should be noted. On
investigation, they found that the victim has mentioned wrong date of birth on Facebook. He added his date of birth as 2000. In which, he was looking more older than his actual age. They sent the victim back to the witness box and told him about his wrong age. On his 13th birthday, he mentioned his wrong date of birth on getting new phone as a gift.
According to the court hearing on the trail the victim was playing with his friend near her house.

Teah Vincent


They were playing football when Ms. Teah Vincent invited the boys for having soft drink. The boy said, I received a new phone on my birthday one week ago. To access Facebook I put in wrong date of birth. I wanted to play games and use Facebook. That is why I put 2000 because 2001 to 2003 was disorganized.

After that I have forgot about changing the date of birth because I used Facebook very little. I just used Facebook for playing games only. To register on Facebook, I had to wait for a week to be 13. But I chose to be 16 to access Facebook. On asking about what age you told Ms. Vincent. The victim said I didn’t tell her I was in 16 or 17. While responding to the jury she said, I told me he was sixteen years old. But according to my point of view, he was looking much older.


Teah Vincent


I was not sure he was underage. He didn’t tell me he was 9 or 14 years old. Then we had sex together and enjoyed the moment. The prosecutor told, Ms. Vincent mounted the boy and started sex before asking anything about him. She didn’t inquir about his age and anything else. In October 21 2018, Ms. Vincent committed that I felt he was more than sixteen that is way I started sex with him.


In her final speech to jury before considering her decision the defense Barrister Catherine Flint said, “ There were lot of things to hear bout Ms. Vincent in this Sunday”. It may her behavior was not normal. There could be lots of questions about her attitude. But your role is not related to decide about her attitude. However, you must decide if she broke the law.
Can you believe on it that he didn’t tell her about his age before having sex together. It seemed that Ms. Vincent was interested in the boys. Before retiring judge Ian Lawrie QC considering his decision before jury “ The case is straight forward, the issue is only the age of the boy”.

The boy was virgin quite young than her. She was more than twice  his age.
Ms. Vincent leads the boy about sex. According to her before going to upstair into her bedroom, he was flirting with her. It seemed he was enhancing his credibility because he was talking about sexual matters. Ms. Vincent said, I had never met the boy before.

Although I had seen his friends. They were much older than the boy. She said, I was sure he was too big.

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