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3 Language Apps that Don’t Overwhelm an Average Learner!

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Are you thinking of learning a new language?

Well, what better time than today, all thanks to technology that allows anyone to learn a new language at their convenience. No need to worry about signing up at the community center for a foreign language class or get in the hassle of buying relevant textbooks for your use.

All you require is an internet connection and your smartphone and you are good to go! For your ease, we listed some of the top language apps that make language learning an enjoyable process without ever overwhelming you.

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If you are looking for a fun way to learn a language of your choice, where the focus is only on vocabulary, then download the language app, Drops. This language app uses a unique method for learning and acquiring a new language, which is considered ideal if you are more of a visual learner.

Technically designed to help users build their vocabulary in a new language, Drops utilizes the simple concept of pairing different pictures together along with various matching games that will help with the new language and build concepts.

Moreover, the audio section in the app ensures that you learn the accurate pronunciation of the words as you read them. Just make sure that you are connected to a top service provider, who has some great offers for the month, such as the fantastic Spectrum deals, which are reliable and reasonable.

Interestingly, the learning technique employed by the app limits a user’s daily learning period to a mere five minutes each day. The idea is to make sure that the user is not overwhelmed with the language learning process, from learning little or trying to do much at once.

The 5-minute time limit applies to both basic and paid plan. When it comes to its subscription plan, it is quite simple. Users have to pay a nominal amount of $9.99 every month if they opt for the monthly plan. They can also opt for the annual subscription plan, where users have to pay $69.99 in one go or $6 per month.

Recipient of the Editor’s Choice Award on the Apple app store, Drops has received excellent reviews from users, who are more than satisfied with the app. Currently, the app has been rated an average of 4.8 out of 5 stars and has over 50,000 reviews.


If you are looking for a well-structured course but don’t mind a bit of monotony in your learning style, then you will enjoy the language app, Busuu. This is another app, which employs a unique approach to language learning.

Busuu utilizes a goal-oriented methodology, in which users design daily study goals along with a practical study plan for learning the new language. The app consists of topic-based lessons that are meant to help with each step of language learning in an easy-to-advanced method.

Every lesson is designed in such a manner that while users progress in their new conversational skills, the previous information is reinforced so that they can reach linguistic accuracy and fluency, far more quickly than ever!

This is an excellent app, especially if you are looking for one that involves interaction and collaboration with native speakers. Utilize the Spectrum internet packages and make the best use of this app! The best part about Busuu is its diverse subscription plans. The Basic Plan is essentially free and gives users access to a single language of their choice, which comes with limited app features.

Next, is the Premium Plan which also allows one language only but users have more freedom with this one as they unlock several more app features. Lastly, there is the Premium Plus Plan, which grants the user access to at least 12 or more languages along with all features of the app.

Besides this, the option of a monthly plan, a 12-month plan, or a 24-month plan are also available for users to choose from!

Rosetta Stone

Rosetta Stone is considered a pioneer in the field of language learning for 25 years, so it’s no surprise that it’s made it to our list today. It is one of the best apps that have a large variety of languages and allows users to customize a program of study which optimally fits their learning style.

Besides the personalized lesson plan, users have the audio recognition feature that helps to determine if they are speaking the language in the right way or not. Once a user knows that they are on the right track, they are good to go!

While the audio-based learning feature is one of the app’s strong points, it is followed by the story feature that ensures the user gets to read under the guidance of native speakers. Currently, the pricing plans have been restructured and modernized to suit target audiences.

The subscription plans are flexible to facilitate users, who can opt for a 3-month or a yearly plan, that can be paid every month. These range from as low as $7.99 and $11.199 and rise as well.

As for its dedicated customer base, those wishing to be lifelong learners and want to have unlimited access to the app, can pay $179 and enjoy this highly-rated app forever!

Wrapping Up

While the above-mentioned apps are just a handful, how does one know which language app is the right one?

After all, nobody wants to pay a monthly subscription to a dozen apps. It ultimately depends on the language that you wish to learn. Also, your learning style will help you determine which app is worth your time and money.

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