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16 Year Old Kalecia Williams Shot To Death

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This article contains the most thrilling and bizarre murder incident that shook the world. Kalia Williams is a famous TikToker.  It is revealed she was filming on her Tiktok when someone murdered her.

The murderer is unknown yet. Her close, dearests are discovering the murderer. Kalia Williams was only 16 years old young girl.

According to Fox 5 Atlanta, the Kalecia William was killed in a hotel which is situated in Atlanta. This incident took place in December. Police revealed they found the dead body of Kalecia William at a hotel which is situated in Atlanta.

Her mother was worried about her and she was exhausted with grief. She expressed her dearest daughter was tragically killed in Atlanta. On Boxing Day 2020 confirmed that she passed away in 2022.

At about 12:27 someone informed to Police that a female is lying dead in front of the hotel. The police reached the describing point they took out the dead body and take with them where her parents received her dead body and performed her last rites.

A video was posted on Kalecia’s TikTok account @kaleciawilliams722 on December 26th, 2020, in this shared video, her followers can see her dance. Later the video was deleted.

According to Fox 5, 20 people were gathered in front of her residence and they were all demanding to find the killer.

16 years old Kalecia Williams was found unconscious at a Hyatt Regency hotel in Atlanta.

Sandra Ali and  Sheree Paolello also revealed the death news of Kalecia on News 5. Her murder shocked all her family members.

Finally, the Police arrested the murderer and started investigating, but Kalecia Williams’s family said that is not enough.

Alex W  expressed regret the young teenager was going to enjoy themself in the Atlanta hotel, but she never comes back home.

Her parents demand revenge for the violence.

The 20 people who were gathered at the residence of the killer were demanding justice.

When the parents hear the news of Kalecia Williams’s murder, they are demanding to discover the dead body. The Mother said to the Police, discover the dead body otherwise she will dishonor them.

The close friend said it is difficult to determine the exact reason why the killer killed the victim.

The assailant shot at her vaginal area. Due to constant bleeding, she could not defend herself and lost her life.

The 16 years old girl was shot to death.

According to the news just after the day of Christmas the victim was in serious condition and was rushed to a local hospital, but she has not survived and lost her life.

Roundabout twenty people were demanding justice in front of the Hyatt Regency in downtown #Atlanta where the Kalecia was killed.

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