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10 Untold Reasons That Can Cause Dissertation Failure

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Failures are a part of life, and many researchers face failure during their journey to research work. Ms and PhD. degrees are more like a research work than just studying all the time. These degrees are the test of our nerves and patience. If you ask students why they fail their degrees, they will tell you that they have failed their dissertation. A dissertation is a step in your degree where you need more critical and writing skills. Students mostly complete their research work with excitement but face problems when writing them in a paper. That’s why it’s always better to take precautions before failure. Let’s read how you can avoid dissertation failure.

In this article, we will discuss why students fail in their dissertations and the most common reasons that lead them to dissertation failure.

1- Lack of critical reflection in dissertation:

Dissertation writing is more professional and structured writing, which is critically analysed to make others understand the research problem, how it is conducted and what results the researcher has achieved at the end. That’s why a student should be critically connected to the research problem. Because he needs to add the reasons for selecting the problem, what contribution he has made in research work and how he carries it out to results are crucial elements of completing a dissertation. In addition, students should know how to critically analyse the differences between the previous research and their own. So, we have seen how a critical attachment to the thesis helps students write a strong thesis. That’s why students must take time while writing to figure out all the answers critically and add the ones that can engage their professors with the dissertation. Meanwhile, many companies provide dissertation help UK students can easily get.

2- Poor presentation:

One of the key features of a dissertation is presentation. Since a thesis is a more professional document, it should be with zero errors. Many students often fail to learn how to present their thesis well and keep their focus on research and writing. Grammatical errors, spelling mistakes and, most of the time, plagiarism, are the root cause of a dissertation failure. So I advise to focus on presentation after successful writing and research work. Moreover, whether the thesis is structured according to the reader’s view is important.

3- Nonsense behaviour:

Most students have enough time for research and dissertation submission. But what seems isn’t always true. Ph.D. and MS are difficult degrees and require you to be serious throughout the journey. If a student comes to university just for time to pass, he will fail. That’s why take charge of your life and complete what you have started with interest and determination.

4- Lack of evidence:

In thesis writing, you need to pick a problem, research it and draw its results by giving justifications. But most of the students lack in adding relevant justifications in the dissertation. Studying literature helps you in finding the relevant researches. So, make sure you add references and justifications for your work on every step. Reading and practising the dissertation writing rules throughout the thesis can help you to write a good one.

5- Writing puzzled statements:

What will you do if you are reading a non-structured script? You will skip it. Right! In dissertation writing, we need to add many researchers, and that’s why we end up adding confusion to dissertation. That’s how we successfully kill the logical aspect of the thesis, which results in dissertation failure. But how can you avoid it? While writing any part of your thesis, you must pick a copy and pen, then start writing how many research points you need to add to the paper. Finally, arrange them so that the reader can easily understand.

6- Adding unexplained terminologies:

Generally, if you read a research paper, you will notice that many terms are difficult to understand. Because in research papers, researchers are allowed to use tough terms, but that does not allow you to keep on adding difficult words. Always remember that you should only add words that help explain your statements more clearly. Moreover, many researchers add unexplained terminologies, and professors must search for them to understand them. Add the terms that you think should be new to the reader to the glossary. This will help you avoid dissertation failure.

7- Plagiarism:

Plagiarism is a crime, and if your dissertation has plagiarism, then it’s obvious you fall prey to dissertation failure. Remember that in Ph.D. degree, every student works on a different problem, so the research dissertation must be different. In addition, your dissertation should not be plagiarized from any previous research. In case you have to add data from previous studies, make sure you cite them well.

8- Failure to respond to the change:

Students always get a second chance to show improved performance. Whenever you submit your dissertation, professors give you feedback to make improvements in dissertation. But most of the students fail to complete those improvements.  When you fail to make required changes in the thesis, the dissertation committee may feel that you have nonsensical behaviour about your dissertation, which results in dissertation failure.

9- Non-supportive professors and supervisors:

Students have to select supervisors for their research work. During the start of your degree, when you get a chance to select your supervisor, make sure you take suggestions from your seniors. Because most of the time supervisors stay busy and most of them are not interested to help the student through the process.

10- Submitting the paper without proofreading:

Whenever we write a thesis or any essay, we should make a habit of proofreading it. Most of the time when a student submits a thesis he does not takes care of proofreading it. There are chances of big mistakes which he may find during proofreading the dissertation. That’s why make proofreading a habit while submitting any document.


Any student can face dissertation failure. This can be due to many reasons. Most of the time, students show non-serious behaviour toward the dissertation writing. They do not proofread the dissertation, or there are chances that they encounter which the supervisor who cannot help them. That’s why before writing the dissertation, make sure you read the reasons for dissertation failure so you never end up in failure.

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